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50 Years of the Equal Pay Act - Shared screen with speaker view
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Marcia Mar
I had The Care Revolution Art Exhibition at Nolias Gallery in the Southbank in 2011 just after the Parliamentary Equality Bill of 2010 was our. This times of reflecting about the importance of care is conducive to a Peaceful Revolution delivering all equally strengths
Marcia Mar
when “Victory has been Defeated” we will have proportional representation
Catherine Hill
Hi, I'm Catherine Blackledge, author of Raising the Skirt: the Unsung Power of the Vagina, which celebrates the beauty and power of the vagina, and the petition to add 'verenda' to the dictionary as the positive, respectful word for the vagina www.change.org/SayVerenda
Marcia Mar
one level of Equality is recognition which we are doing here with speaking out. However the level of Equality that really affects change is Distribution.
Catherine Marren
More info here - https://www.equalitytrust.org.uk/campaigns
We need to start in the Early Years, teaching boys and girls to respect each others’ strengthsgths
Marcia Mar
monitoring inequality is a basic necessary level to have recognition but delivering equality means legislators action
Catherine Marren
More information on the research published today by Fawcett Society here -www.fawcettsociety.org.uk/news/vast-majority-of-the-public-think-care-workers-are-underpaid
Catherine Marren
Thank you for joining Aleen
Caroline Bernard
A question I would like to pose is about career progression in social care for women, I spent some time at the National Skills Academy for Social Care. Women clearly deliver the work, but as usual at the top of organisations we see fewer women. How do we promote career pathways for front line care workers who may want to become social care leaders?
Catherine Marren
More info here -https://www.thecareworkerscharity.org.uk/
Marcia Mar
as the children will be nade more vulnerable from next week and they have no say for the right to vote and to be elected do not include them yet, we the adults are responsible for their wellbeing and survival. The senior population mortality rate have already been neglected by our passivity
Marcia Mar
can we reflect as Women that we may be allowing genocide for not changing unrepresentative systems?
Marcia Mar
voicing the voiceless
Linzi Janice
“Engage and rage about equal pay” - powerful call - thank u
Marcia Mar
Demand social legislation for immediate equal pay and investment in saving lives
Chris Osborn
We need to have a society based on helping each other not on how much money do you generate for the top 1%.
Yes we need to look beyond pay to terms and conditions, training etc.
I would like to see ‘chartered carer’ status like for teachers, rather than promotion always meaning moving to management/admin roles.
Cat Sutherland
We need to engage with all those working from home during this crisis who have been very vocal about how much child care (paid and non paid) is key to them working............ and ensure that men do not go back to formal work ahead of their female partners............
Rachel Verdin
By outsourcing social care the hard won gains via Single status agreement have been lost. There is no comparability with other workers. We also need to address the kinds of contracts that these essential workers are being asked to live on, how to properly pay night /sleep in shifts etc.
Anna O'Doherty
Former care worker who now works in a university business school - absolutely agree we need to stop saying 'unskilled' - care was the hardest work I've ever done (used to use my walk in between clients' homes to cry). But everyday I see care work and hospitality being called unskilled and students are discouraged from taking on these roles when they could be going into banking. Some good efforts from individuals to change this (e.g. a Ken Loach screening just for our students) but poor results (e.g. not a single student attending said screening). We need universities to challenge these views much harder, making it part of the curriculum of studying economics - what is the human cost of your decisions if you do become an investment banker? At the minute it feels that we're training the future financiers to be cold and dismissive of care work
Marcia Mar
Can we start a campaign for Women proportional political representation Worldwide delivering all strengths of equality and society’s much needed transformation. World Wide Peace can be delivered by beginning the process of all Countries transferring to Free Health Care Services and Open Source Research their proportion of current Global Military spent of $1,650,000,000,000, preventing human extinction with innovative egalitarian distribution Role models rolling a new movement It does not matter who starts conflict, it matters how it ends Everything is changing We are the innovative intelligent Ancestors of Future generations who have the right to co-exist in eco-logical harmony preserving and nurturing ALL🌍LIFE! We are on the same boat 🌎 Peace is upon us Peace is up to us
you are so right Gloria. It is the current business model which is failing both the people receiving the care and those working in it. As you’ve pointed out most companies seem to be owned and directed by male executives
Mo Kanjilal
completely agree about the work being based around time! It's so stressful for carers who work in different homes to get to each one on time, and they are under such pressure in each home to complete tasks quickly
Caroline Bernard
As long as social care work is undervalued, we will never see the political will we need for change, agree with Wanda.
Very interested in Buurtzorg method. It's no good appealing to this govt of hedge fund managers
Catherine Marren
You can find more information about our Equal Pay campaign and The Right to Know here -www.fawcettsociety.org.uk/right-to-know
we need to take control of care ourselves
Claire-Marie Boggiano
Similar themes and ideas are discussed in the following book by Hilary Cottam, which I can highly recommend.Book: Radical Help - How we can remake the relationships between us and revolutionise the welfare stateHilary is guest author on next Queen Bee Radical Thinking for Radical Times Speaker Series, it’s happening on Thursday 11 June, 2:30pmYou are invited and can book your place here:https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/queen-bee-coaching-radical-thinking-for-radical-times-hilary-cottam-tickets-105806859164?aff=ebdssbeac
We seem to still have a taboo in this country out talking about money and that’s used as a way of employers avoiding the issue. We need to have a ‘talk about your pay’ day to bring the issue into the light!
Mike McCabe
Info on pay is known and collated by HR managers, who are often women professionals. They need to flex their muscles!
Marcia Mar
women were treated as slaves without the right to vote or property for thousands of years. it is fair to have proportional representation now. an easy and logical measure to prevent genocide
Marcia Mar
Marcia Mar
stay as Society is raping Earth
Catherine Marren
The Fawcett Society and YESS Law are working in partnership to offer an Equal Pay Advice Service. More info here -https://www.fawcettsociety.org.uk/equal-pay-advice-service
Marcia Mar
or having women proportional representation. we are 53% of World population
Marcia Mar
or having Women only governments for at least 10 thousand years for compensation
Rachel Verdin
The lack of enforcement this year of the gender pay reporting requirements, as a result of the crisis, is concerning. The deprioritisation of measures such as this, while on the one hand understandable given the crisis, does also suggest the level of priority afforded to it. We need to be cautious that gains aren't lost, and that gender equality drives are not bypassed / deferred to support the 'needs' of business.
Marcia Mar
We women are equality responsible for allowing the pandemic government pitfalls
victoria murray
I am an employment lawyer. equal pay was one of the first pieces of anti-discrimination law. it is showing its age- it is too complex. whereas other areas of discrimination law have been introduced and updated, this has not. it has no real teeth.
Marcia Mar
so getting equal representation is the minimum we can request at the 21 Century
As a former employment lawyer and current CEO of Mediation Hertfordshire, I agree with attendee Victoria Murray that the current legislation needs to be updated.
Chris Osborn
Girls at school need to be taught that they are equal and can be whatever they want.
Rosie Ross
Anna O'Doherty
Do the panel think there's any chance that the UK could have success with something like the Iceland Women's Strike from the 70s if the worst comes to pass after covid-19, or is the threat of unemployment too much of a threat to get such an idea of the ground? (I think if we got the passion of this shown to all women we'd be much closer to that!)
Yes yes yes!
Caroline Bernard
Research shows that by the age of 4 girls thank they are less important than boys :(
Victoria Lee
Yes, clapping from me!
Gemma Rosenblatt
Fawcett agrees that equal pay law needs to be updated. You can find more on our campaign for this - and for women to have a Right to Know if they are being paid less for work of equal value - here: https://www.fawcettsociety.org.uk/right-to-know
Marcia Mar
I have learned from Dictatorship Generals that they think is very easy to distract people with few absurdities
Marcia Mar
While we are distracted we are been controlled
Michelle Atkinson
How can you afford a car when you are paid £8.75 ph, and paid 18p a mile. This was what my Mum's cleaner was paid by Age Uk.
Do we need another name for social care?... sounds flippant … but we need to raise society's attitude and raise the status of careworkers
Marcia Mar
we are no longer protesters, we are proposers and innovators demanding participation
Oh yes, the establishment are bored with it all now and want to move on….
Marcia Mar
distraction technique: blaming the victims
Jacqueline Winstanley
Jacqueline Winstanley founder and CEO of Universal Inclusion As someone who entered into tribunal re discrimination ( and won on point ) albeit a different strand the principal and the experience of expressed issues that follow when you step into this arena are as expressed by the panel , I would echo the panel , there is power in numbers , mobilising is incredibly important , if you consider how the Chancellor has responded to organisations like FSB in terms of support for self employed people, unprecedented response , will be interesting to see how much of that reaches women but it shows what can be done when member organisations unite and rise up we are formidable when we work together
I am cautious that once this pandemic is over the media will start to shift blame onto social care and NHS (as mentioned), rather than recognising the hard work of individuals and failures to help them with lack of PPE etc.
Gemma Rosenblatt
You can find more info on Fawcett's campaign on valuing care - including a link to a template letter - here: https://www.fawcettsociety.org.uk/valuing-the-care-sector
Catherine Hill
The sound has gone?
What hope is there with a govt that voted itself an extra £10,000 to work from home...prob more than a lot of carers earn in a year
Is there another strand of discrimination that relates to the high percentage of cared for people as 'old women' and so the role of caring is doubly unimportant?
Catherine Hill
Fixed now, thanks.
Yes we need to look at rebalancing like they are in New Zealand as they emerge from the pandemic..
Marcia Mar
it is the 21 Century we are responsible for the legacy we are leaving to future generations
Another model is Care Co-operatives - some good work being done by Edinburgh Development Group.
Catherine Marren
If you’d like to support our work, please head to our website where you can become a Fawcett member for as little as £1 a month - https://www.fawcettsociety.org.uk/membership
Marcia Mar
if you just speak about the know you will not leap into the unknown. proportional representation is the minimum we can demand at this crisis.
Marcia Mar
beyond recognition of unequal pay is the delivering distribution
Wanda Wyporska
we are going to call for transparency when our report is out on Friday, Stefan!
Catherine Marren
Thank you all for joining! The discussion within the chat function has been really valuable.
Wanda Wyporska
Let’s not forget the gender bonus gaps as well..
Catherine Marren
Thanks Aleen. You can find the template letter and more info about our #ValueCare campaign here - www.fawcettsociety.org.uk/valuing-the-care-sector
Care workers have to stop saying ‘I am just a carer’
Wanda Wyporska
Hard when average FTSE 100 CEO is paid 186 times the salary of a carer!
hear hear - name and shame
Thank you all!
Catherine Marren
Thank you all for joining this evening. If you’d like to support our work please do head to our website where you can become a Fawcett member or make a one-off donation! https://www.fawcettsociety.org.uk/membership
Thank you everyone - solidarity!
Jacqueline Winstanley
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Michelle Atkinson
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Catherine Hill
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